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That Every INFLUENTIAL LEADER. CHANGEMAKER. ENTREPRENEUR needs to go on to Rewrite, Embrace and Share their Story.


why does your story matter?

ENTREPRENEUR'S is your PHENOMENAL product or service lost in the daze of the POST APOCALYPTIC media hype?

INFLUENTIAL LEADERS do you feel like you are swimming against a RAGING CURRENT with your TEAM and BUSINESS?


COACHES and CONSULTANTS how do you stand out in the CHAOTIC, DISTRACTION FUELLED economy?


Our old story (I call it Kryptonite) can destroy your progress and any hope of you uncapping your potential. Everyone has his or her version of Kryptonite, that area of our life that is still our weakness. It is a risky problem we don't talk about, or we avoid, and we have unresolved issues or fear around. Heal and reclaim. You don't have to be defined by the past.


Rewrite your future by consciously creating who you need to become to have the life you desire. Jim Rohn said "For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better you have to get better, for things to improve you have to improve, and when you grow everything in your life grows with you." Our personality or old story we tell ourselves is not fixed. We can Rewrite our story. 


The gift of story telling is in your DNA. You have a story worth sharing.Every single person on this planet is meant to INSPIRE. We connect on a DEEPER, more Profound way through story. Share your story in a way that inspires and influences. Storytelling is the fastest and most influential way to get your message out to the world and create a tribe of loyal hungry buyers.  

about Dan burgess

Rise Up.


Your Facilitator, trainer, coach, speaker and mentor has worked with hundreds of people one on one helping them develop self-belief, overcome their biggest challenges and create a fulfilled life of purpose.

He has spoken to thousands of people on the power of self-belief and how to rewrite their story to inspire them to chase their dreams.

He works closely with Leaders and their Teams to uncap potential. The One and Five-day breakthrough experience's for his clients are life-changing.


There were times in his life where he had to fight to survive. He has suffered horrific injuries, jobless and homeless for a period he had to fight to rebuild his life more than once.

His own compelling story of overcoming adversity is a reminder that anyone can turn their life around with the right mentorship, belief and support. This is why he is so committed to the power of being defiant because it has helped him recover his life.



The way

Harness the staggering potential of using your story

Your story is one of the fastest way for people to know, like and trust you to foster growth. Its the connection tool between you and your future clients.

Embracing, rewriting and sharing our story in a way that attracts the people we want to work with, the most influential people in our time were storytellers. We connect on a deeper more profound way through storytelling. It is the missing link between us and our market.


Check what my clients are saying

Daniel Burgess has an incredible story... from hitting rock bottom with a broken body... to taking responsibility... turning his life around... and becoming a leader in his field... I was captivated and hanging on every word... at the end of his inspirational tale... Dan pulled the curtain back... and revealed the structure and formula behind his emotionally stirring presentation... I was blown away... it made me realise I have a story too... and now I want to share it with the world... Thank You Dan for inspiring me... to want to inspire others!

 John Trager

professional coach

The first person I thought of to speak at our men’s health evening for 160 men on behalf of 100 Words Mate to Mate was Dan. Already he’d shown me that he’s a professional that gives more than he takes & of course he was the first to sign on as a speaker, with no hesitation whatsoever. The passion, thought & effort he put into the preparation for the night was world class, his video next level & his contribution both on the night itself & post event was nothing short of amazing. Whatever you are considering Dan for in either business or life you can be assured if he believes he can help you achieve your goals he will & just get started.

Matthew Scafidi

realestate director 

Daniel’s guidance through goal creation and connecting with the outcome was phenomenal. Since my session with Daniel, I have a new sense of purpose and a love of structure, process, and goals that I unknowingly fought against for a long time. My belief in my ability to achieve my goals went from 0 to 100%. The Phoenix Experience is such a powerful way to connect with your own purpose and passion. This experience has given me the ability to see, hear, feel and know that I am on mission. The path through the poppy field is not plowed and easy, but Emerald City is a clear goal on the other side. The certainty is in the outcome, the fun is in the journey! Thank you, Daniel! 5 stars

Karen McTakett

book coach


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