If there is anything my life has taught me, is that is sometimes you need to press pause on your busy routine, give back to yourself and bring things into balance.

Say yes to you! Leave the phone at home and come on an adventure.

I KNOW …you’re never too busy, never too broken, never too young, old, overworked, overweight or stressed out to turn things around and start fresh.

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2 Day Victorian Experience

You might ask yourself “How could I possibly take time out for me? What will I even get out of it?” I get it.

Just remember you are worth it. Yes you’re probably so busy you couldn’t find the time. So that means you must. Don’t let a life event shake you into action!

Are you stuck in the routine of emails, work, pressures, playing the game, looking after everyone else? Do you need time for self care but never get it?

You will be inspired by the spectacular outlook of rugged mountain peaks from the top of Mount Rosea, panoramic views from the Pinnacle Lookout, ancient rock features of the Grand Canyon and the rich cultural history of this truly iconic Grampians landscape.

Push beyond your limits and see your true potential. You now have time to reflect, put things into perspective and focus on what is truly important in your life.

Learn more about yourself, remove the road-blocks and rediscover your ambitions. Take time out of your everyday routine, leave your phone at home and head into the mountains.

Learn to allow yourself to be happy, content, fulfilled again.

Approach life differently and get that spark back.

Find out what is holding you back.

Change your thinking to produce different options, different results.

Have a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

Freedom to create your future in advance.

Eric Chan The Pitch Specialist

I recently went on The Phoenix Experience run by the amazing Daniel Burgess. My friend Dano and I, hiked up cathedral ranges to see the sun rise at 530am in the morning and contemplate our lives. However, it was so much more than that. The hike was challenging, the gradient often steep. My mind went through such a journey, from "this isn't so bad" all the way to "damn why did I choose to do this? But when we reached the top, the view was so breath taking. The sunrise and fog creating an inland sea was just so picturesque. The elation of achievement broke down our egos and then began the facilitation by Daniel. The freedom the mind receives when the body is content is a feeling many rarely achieve and those who do, easily forget in their day to day. The universal truths about ourselves come to the limelight and what I discovered was the distinction that I truly needed for where I am in my life at the moment. PERSEVERANCE! This was an amazing experience that was so much more than a hike. Thank you Daniel for the amazing experience!

The Experience

A coaching in mindset workshop with a difference:

Camp in luxury

Watch the sunrise and set on the mountain

Hike parts of the new Grampians Peaks Trail

Spend Sunday afternoon at a vineyard: time to reflect on your experience and create your plan for the future, then its time to relax and unwind…

One of the coldest July days on record up at this place. Picked up at 4.20 am, start the hike at 6.20, up top about 7am. Probably only 1 or 2 degrees when this shot was taken.
So what the hell was I doing?

To be a better person in my own head, at home with my family and at work with my clients and customers I believe in doing some personal development coaching. Daniel Burgess from The Phoenix Experience was my guide and coach on this trip. Taking me out of my normal place, putting a pause button on life and putting me through a challenge to open up and look deeper into the blocks in life that I need to pass to go to another level to serve all around me (including me)

There was a lot talked about and in the process Daniel coached me on the areas he believes I am in need of a re Focus, and I agreed.

So the was part is done, the mountain and working out the next steps. Now to be consistent in the next steps and work on my actions in my self and also the business's.

So I'm still a work in progress but the next few steps on the stair case have been revealed.

Alan Moyle Photobat

2 Days, just you and the mountains!

It's your time.

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What's included

  • All Meals
  • Transport
  • Accommodation Glamping Style
  • Meals
  • Water
  • Park Fee's

$997 per person Twin Share