Is it time you pressed pause on your busy schedule and went on an adventure?


Our lives are so busy these days, we rarely get time for ourselves, for our own thoughts. The constant barrage of emails, phone calls and clients. Join me on a Sunrise Experience and take the time to remember what is important in your life.




Welcome to the Sunrise Experience

"The team at AFG would like to extend a big thank you to Dan at The Phoenix Experience. The AFG crew booked The Sunrise Experience with Dan which was enjoyed by all. Everything was great, the early rise, bus trip and especially the hike up the South Jawbone Peak in the Cathedral Ranges, Marysville. The view was spectacular and the team had a wonderful time of reflection and warming up with a thermos and bickie on top of the peak. The trip home included many laughs, and a delicious breaky in Healsville. A very good team bonding session – can’t thank you enough Dan!"

AFG Online Rachael Ludowyke


It's time to make a decision, ask yourself. Am I worth it? Am I willing to give back to myself, take control and bring my life into balance?

If there’s anything that my life has taught me, it’s that sometimes you have to press pause on the every day to give back to yourself and bring things into balance.

So I’m here today to offer you the opportunity to do just that…To leave your phone at home, disconnect from everything and let The Phoenix Experience shake things up for you…take you out of the everyday and into life.

  • Discover your core needs
  • Press pause and reflect
  • Time to focus on yourself
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Get "unstuck" get your spark back
  • Remember what is important

Are you spending money on team building activities like paintball or nights out for your team and getting no return?

Long hours, punishing workloads and being connected 24/7 commonly lead to burnout. Performance suffers, or worse, valued employees leave.

Top business executives frequently tell me talent retention is one of their biggest challenges. When team members leave, the loss and disruption to workflow can take a toll on meeting performance targets.

Do you want to get more out of yourself and your team?Everything starts and ends with us. Our work life, our home life, our relationships, our performance.

  • Understand yourself better
  • Reward and strengthen your team
  • Build trust and openness
  • Remember what is important in life

Press pause on your everyday routine and develop as a team. Use this overnight experience to plan out the next six months, launch new strategies and inspire the team to give back to themselves so they are more engaged, happier and perform better at work. 

How do we get a chance to take the time to remember whats important in our lives, the work and pressure is relentless. 

Be inspired to get more out of life by Daniel from The Phoenix Experience as he delivers an inspirational talk to set the tone of the evening. 

  • Develop your plan as team
  • Take time out of your busy schedule
  • Facilitated planning session
  • Strengthen lines of communication
  • Stay close to the mountains

"Just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. Hamish and I really enjoyed the experience and it actually put us in really good stead for the rest of the day (surprisingly). We found the experience to be really unique – it was great trekking up in pitch black with headlamps, and it made for a really special experience once the sun started to rise behind the mountains. I can see why you love it so much. We really enjoyed your passion and energy, as well as your understanding that everybody is different and at different stages in their lives. It was refreshing!"

Uniq  Will and Hamish
Cathedral Ranges, Team Building, motivation

What's involved?

  • Very early morning pick up from your location
  • Drive out to the mountains
  • Hike and watch the sunrise 
  • Eat banana muffins, drink tea and coffee
  • Self awareness exercise on the mountain
  • Drive back - Coffee at Marysville, then in town by 12:30pm 

I recently went on The Phoenix Experience run by the amazing Daniel Burgess. My friend Dano and I, hiked up cathedral ranges to see the sun rise at 530am in the morning and contemplate our lives. However, it was so much more than that. The hike was challenging, the gradient often steep. My mind went through such a journey, from "this isn't so bad" all the way to "damn why did I choose to do this? But when we reached the top, the view was so breath taking. The sunrise and fog creating an inland sea was just so picturesque. The elation of achievement broke down our egos and then began the facilitation by Daniel. The freedom the mind receives when the body is content is a feeling many rarely achieve and those who do, easily forget in their day to day. The universal truths about ourselves come to the limelight and what I discovered was the distinction that I truly needed for where I am in my life at the moment. PERSEVERANCE! This was an amazing experience that was so much more than a hike. Thank you Daniel for the amazing experience!

The Pitch Specialist Eric Chan

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ― John Muir

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What's included?

  • Pick up - Drop off from your work location
  • Blankets and powerful head torches
  • Tea, coffee and banana muffins
  • Self awareness discovery book
  • Photos for your social media account
  • Coaching and facilitation on the mountain
  • A truly unforgettable experience
Cathedral Ranges, Sunrise, Team Development, Team Building

What others have experienced. 

team development, motivation

What do I need?

  • A sense of adventure
  • Dress in layers
  • Water bottle
  • Average level of fitness

It's your time. Don't let a life event shake you into action

No matter what happens in life we will alway find and excuse to wait. Take the time to remember what is important to you. We often put rules and conditions on our lives...I will be happy when....I will do more exercise when....I have always wanted to do....but.

Leave the phone off and join me on an adventure. People tell me all the time "All I thought it would be was just a hike up the mountain, but it's so much more than that" Yes it is, the combination of getting up early, the accomplishment of making it up there, pressing pause and discovering more about yourself, makes this a truly unforgettable experience.

Join me on a Sunrise Experience


  • Pick up - Drop Off
  • Sunrise Hike
  • Light breakfast tea and coffee
  • 1:1 Coaching for a full 8 hours
  • Self awareness booklet


Credit card or PayPal payments.


  • Pick up - Drop Off
  • Up to 7 people
  • Sunrise Hike
  • Light breakfast tea and coffee
  • Coaching and facilitation on the mountain
  • Great team bonding experience
  • Self awareness booklet


Credit card or PayPal payments.


  • All of team plus....
  • Luxury 4 1/2 Star Accommodation Marysville
  • 60 min Motivational Keynote
  • Facilitated Planning Session
  • Stay close to the mountains 

from $2997

Credit card or PayPal payments.

One of the coldest July days on record up at this place. Picked up at 4.20 am, start the hike at 6.20, up top about 7am. Probably only 1 or 2 degrees when this shot was taken.
So what the hell was I doing?

To be a better person in my own head, at home with my family and at work with my clients and customers I believe in doing some personal development coaching. Daniel Burgess from The Phoenix Experience was my guide and coach on this trip. Taking me out of my normal place, putting a pause button on life and putting me through a challenge to open up and look deeper into the blocks in life that I need to pass to go to another level to serve all around me (including me)

There was a lot talked about and in the process Daniel coached me on the areas he believes I am in need of a re Focus, and I agreed.So the was part is done, the mountain and working out the next steps. Now to be consistent in the next steps and work on my actions in my self and also the business's.So I'm still a work in progress but the next few steps on the stair case have been revealed.

Photobat Alan Moyle

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to be fit to make it up the mountain? No. I have taken all ages and fitness levels up there, but I do suggest going on a few walks before to make it more enjoyable. 
  • Will I make it back to work that day? Yes we are back by around 12:30pm. Time enough for afternoon meetings and phone calls. 
  • ​I am afraid of heights will I be scared? No. Its on a mountain but there is plenty of room so you don't need to go anywhere near the edges. 
  • ​What should I wear? Best to dress in layers as the hike up can make it hot but up the top can be chilly. 
  • ​I have never hiked up a mountain, will I be able to do it? Yes of course, its a proper path with no climbing. 
  • ​What will I get out of it? This is a chance for you to remember whats important in your life. We don't often get a chance to pause and reflect, it can take a major life event to shake us into action. 

Not sure just yet? Stay in touch with us here.