Daniel is a proven keynote speaker, trusted by the largest companies to educate and inspire their teams.

His keynotes and trainings are highly interactive and engaging.

“We found Dan to be a breath of fresh air in the very usual real estate space training, his approach on wellness & mindset was quite inspirational especially being what he has been through personally & worked through in his own life. He kept it real at all times & ultimately cares about his clients. Could not recommend him highly enough” Matthew Scafidi Director/Auctioneer Noel Jones Mitcham

Daniel Burgess is The Phoenix Experience

After a severe car accident left him paralysed, neck shattered and back broken he left his life behind. His girlfriend crying on the doorstep, he hitch hiked to Far North Queensland leaving his life behind and never went back. Car, apartment, job, everything to heal his mind and body in the jungles of QLD.

Homeless and broke with little money coming in he hitch hiked around sleeping beside rivers, beaches, in garages of new housing estates; wherever he could. He spent his days swimming in waterfalls to deal with the crushing pressure on his spine. His rehab consisted of climbing trees and trekking through the jungle.

He was so broken and skinny people thought he was a bum and would give him pamphlets to get off heroin.

“Gaining awareness is one of the greatest challenges that people have in society today, because they become so busy. What I’ve found is that it often takes a major life event to shake things up for them and help them realize what’s important. I wanted to be that person that shakes things up for them, whether it’s in my speaking, or my mountain experiences.”

Our lives are extremely busy.

Constant pressure at work, family and social commitments, the relentless ding of emails and phone calls; we rarely get time for ourselves. Unsure what we would do if we did have time. We can easily forget what’s important to us. Our relationships can fade, our health can suffer and our desire to perform at work can dwindle. When we are with those we care about we are at times not truly present or “in the moment.

“People don’t even know that they need to change, because they’ve got so many other things going on in their lives. They can’t press ‘pause’ long enough to even think about these things.”

Daniel is the pause button that we all need, to pause and think about what is important in our lives before its too late.