Life Performance = High Performance


This is a FULLY IMMERSIVE 1 day experience and with amazing people and food. Capped at 25 people in total including myself and a crew member so you get the most incredible experience.

Are you still getting the same results in your life, business or career? There is a moment in our lives when our backs are against the wall and we say enough is enough, things will not be like this ever again. I am worth more, I can do more, I am more.

We get to a stage where life gets a little easier, comfortable and we can forget the things that have meaning in our lives. We become ok with thats how things are now, ok with good enough and not great.

It normally takes a life event for people to take a look at their lives - health scare, redundancy or relationship break down. Don't BE that person, grow, learn, improve and develop yourself continually. 

You know there is another level, you feel it. You worry that you may never hit your full potential in life, it keeps you up at night. You are happy but you want more, its ok to want more, its ok to go beyond your limits. Maybe you are not even sure what those limits are yet but your willing to find them. You want deeper more fulfilling relationships with those close to you, you want to be happier and more engaged and present for those you care about.

Who we are at work or at home has a profound affect on our lives. 


Deep down you know you can achieve more, BE inspired to transform all areas of your life; Health, Wealth, Family, Career, Business, Spirituality. Their is always another level. See potential in yourself that will take you to another level. Make the decision that "ok" is not good enough only "great" is. 


The more we can understand those around us, what drives them, what they care about, that means we can create a positive influence with them that has a flow on effect throughout society. BE the example for our peers, our teams, our family and society. Consciously set your intention in every situation. 


Expand your horizons by changing your thinking to change your life. We can get set in our ways and the self imposed limitations of how far we can go in life. Smash through those glass ceilings and live life to a level that you know you are capable of. Use the bad things that have happened to you as rocket fuel to propel you to a new level in life.

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Before having met Dan I felt disconnected from a sense of purpose, a sense of vision/mission and couldn't workout what i was doing that was creating a world that i didn't want.I discovered The Phoenix Experience and then our journey began together...Once we met and Dan told me his story of why he chose to go down this road and create this experience for people, it completely changed my thinking out outlook on life. I immediately committed myself to him as it touched a place in my heart that I had never felt before. It's been life changing since!What i discovered from Dan coaching method was that his approach is so powerful & effective that it made me come up with some of my own realisations about what I was doing to self sabotage my life and not create an ideal world that i did want to have.He was absolutely committed to me 100% through all our sessions together in making changes on a deep unconscious level to start empowering my life and to create direction that I wanted it to go.His approach was very professional, calming, enjoyable and fun. It gave me some incredible techniques that i will continue to utilise and guide me on my journey ahead.Im very grateful to have met such an awesome person in Dan with what he offers to the world through his coaching and The Phoenix Experience. Awesome! Thank Dan

Yiannis Kourounis 

After this full day of transformation you will learn to....

  • Unlock your 7 keys to HAPPINESS
  • Develop unwavering SELF BELIEF and CONFIDENCE
  • Understand RESILIENCE, use the bad things that happen to you as rocket fuel to propel you forward 
  • ​Discover the invisible force that holds us back from our true potential and smash your GLASS CEILING
  • Set your INTENTION for high performance in career, business and life
  • ​Develop positive INFLUENCE with your team and clients
  • ​Remember what's truly important in life and let go of those things not serving you
  • Rediscover your hopes and dreams. Put a plan in place to achieve them.
  • Understand why you do what you do 
  • Reconnect to your PURPOSE, understand your VALUES and how to live congruently with them for a happier life.

In only two hours working on "How to achieve your vision", Daniel has helped me to see a way out of my own limitations, and most importantly, create a vision of how specifically to achieve my most desired goals. By breaking it into smaller steps he made me aware of how much is possible to accomplish when we work inch by inch. I am grateful for having The Phoenix Experience light up my way and give me vision and strength to walk throughout dark tunnels. Thankyou Daniel for your wisdom and professionalism. Lais

Lais Gregorio

Who is this day for? Someone who is ready to go all in and create lasting SELF BELIEF, HAPPINESS and REDISCOVER their PURPOSE. This is a FULLY IMMERSIVE experience and with amazing people and food.

Who is this day not for? Someone who is happy to stay in the "ok" zone and doesn't want to give back to themselves. Someone who is not willing to go all in on themselves, that just wants to dabble. 

WHEN - FEB 10, 2018 

TIMES - 8am - 6pm

WHERE - Foothills Conference Centre, 48 Edinborough rd, Mooroolbark 3138 

“Your circumstances don't define you, your attidue does” Daniel Burgess

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I believe in the results of this training so much, I offer full guarantee that if you don't absolutely love it you get your money back. 

Testimonials below from my SUNRISE EXPERIENCE. 

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