Life Performance = High Performance

Do you want to get more out of yourself and your team?

High pressure environments can lead to workplace conflict and clashes within the team. This can have a profound effect on the wellbeing and performance of the team. 

It becomes increasing hard to keep balance and to sustain under the constant pressure to perform and get the result. There is so many trainings out there that focus on the DO DO DO, and teams can get stuck in TASK mode and lose sight of the bigger picture, motivation drops and performance slows. The results still come, but you know there is a another level. This highly interactive training is designed to ensure you can understand why you, your team and clients do what they do.

Would you love to understand your team and your clients in a way that serves them and you? 

Expand their thinking, create resilience in the face of adversity, discover their big reason WHY, to play a bigger game and grow opportunities for further business development. Work with them to find their purpose and how that purpose aligns to the purpose of the business. This creates a PURPOSEFUL COLLABORATIVE environment. 

Whether you are in sales, a client facing role or a part of a team your ability to improve your emotional intelligence and create influence will improve your performance and revenue. 


Many studies have shown this happy teams are high performing teams. BE inspired to get more out of life and create an even more positive, enthusiastic and collaborative work environment. Have inspired leaders, team and clients all working towards a common purpose.


The more we can understand those around us, what drives them, what they care about, that means we can create a positive influence that has a flow on effect throughout society. BE the example for our peers, our team, our family and society. Consciously set your intention in every situation. Those that create more influence can have a greater effect on culture, values and the performance of the business.


Empower your team and your clients to think bigger and play a bigger game. Focus on who are they being as leaders, team members, parents, partners, and effective members of society. Teams can get set in their ways and the self imposed limitations of how far they can take it. Smash through those glass ceilings and perform to a level that you know they are capable of. Resilience help team to not get stuck in reaction mode and deal with challenges as the arise. 

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Dan’s personal experiences and his ability to listen and get the team talking about their issues and work through them was inspirational and highly recommended to others.

Kez Hassan - B2B Sales

After this full days training you will learn to....

  • Understand the team and your clients reality to better serve them
  • Take ownership and accountability of results, outcomes, attitude and behaviours 
  • ​Understand the different stages of resilience and how it can be used as rocket fuel 
  • ​Discover the invisible force that holds us and our clients back from our true potential
  • Setting our intention and standards for high performance in business and life
  • ​Develop positive influence with your team and clients
  • ​Remember what's truly important in life and create a happy, engaged team
  • ​Focus on who you are being rather than the everyday DO DO DO
  • ​Build rapport instantly and develop advanced listening skills
  • Align the teams purpose and values with that of the business to work towards the future together

Dan is very easy to work with and understands which content is relevant to our industry and staff. He is engaging and keeps the topics interesting and engaging which gets people thinking about what they can do to get the best out of their clients. 

Michelle Dale - Branch manager

“We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are” Anais Nin

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I would recommend Dan to others; friends, training providers, he is knowledgeable, and speaks from the heart and able to engage his audiences.  

Ann Joseph - Job Consultant
Dave Dixon Tradenet Manager

Excellent experience: Enjoyed the program, Dan has the ability to get the audience to interact and he created a comfortable environment where everyone easily shared – Dave Dixon


I believe in the results of this training so much, I offer full guarantee that if you and your team don't absolutely love it you get your money back. 

Book a 20 min discovery call Today to see if we are a match for your company.