About me.

I have had a diverse a background; from hard slogs in factories to a career as national brand manager.

Throughout my time I have had a passion for a full life, I love adventure and having fun.

A defining moment for me was when I was 20 years old. I was a passenger in a single vehicle accident where the driver fell asleep. I was trapped hanging upside down in the car for 2 1/2 hrs. I had sustained life-threatening injuries. My back and arm were broken, neck vertebrae shattered, calf muscle suffered 3rd degree burns and my foot crushed; I was in a very bad way (nearly died). The doctors didn't think I would walk again, needless to say they were wrong. Thankfully! After six weeks I walked out of hospital (albeit very slowly with a cane) and started the long recovery process. I left my job, girlfriend, apartment and car behind and hitch hiked to Far North QLD to get my body and mind sorted out.

With very little money coming in I was homeless so I lived beside rivers, waterfalls and on the beach. It was a great way to recover; swimming and climbing every day to rebuild my strength, as I had no money for rehab. Some days I had to walk around Woolworths eating food to survive I was that broke. This taught me so many lessons about survival and how that no matter how desperate the situation you can survive. I embraced my surroundings, meeting all sorts of different people as I hitch hiked around the Far North. As my walking slowly improved I started to feel I was able to get back into work and start earning money to rebuild myself. So after 9 short months I started back at Queensland Rail, my doctor said it was too early and I needed to at least have 2 years to fully recover. I had a fantastic job working on the Kuranda Scenic train, responsible for the safety and enjoyment of the tourists on the train. My first full year at work was very tough as I readjusted and felt intense fatigue from my recovering injuries.

This is when I started to ride mountain bikes, I had a passion for cycling in my youth competing to a high level on the road and track competitions. I rode everyday and that become my focus and as I still had no car my sole mode of transport was a bike. Riding helped me rebuild my strength and confidence slowly. Everyone around me was constantly being very negative to me about riding and doing crazy things saying "How can you do this after all your injuries you're crazy to be doing that". It was getting beyond a joke, to the point I went and saw a top physiotherapist in Cairns and told him what I was going through with these comments. He gave me the best bit of advice that set me on track, "Do not listen to anyone, you're doing the right thing most people with your injuries give up, wither away and are dead in 20 years. Keep doing what you are doing because as long as your muscles are strong it doesn't matter how bad your bones are".

Over the next few years I experienced a lot, I finally got compensation for my injuries finished up with work and spent the next few years unfortunately (having a great time though) spending all my money snowboarding, jet skiing to islands, motocross; you name it I had all the toys! After snapping my humerus (big bone above the elbow) in a very bad bike crash I had to have a year off riding from nerve damage so I sold everything and moved to Melbourne where I met my beautiful wife and rebuilt my life again :). I now have two amazing boys who are healthy and love life and that is a true blessing.

I have been employed as a state manager and national brand manager so I understand time and money pressures, and the difficulty achieving family and work/life balance.

What all this has taught me is that everyone has a powerful story that needs to be harnessed and told. You can rise up at any stage and have a fresh start no matter what the odds. You have it inside you, you have all the tools and resources you need, you just need the belief. I made many bad decisions and many good ones along the way. I can help you make better decisions.

I have done many courses to develop myself; business, personal training, design, coaching, facilitating, speaking. I am currently in the process of becoming a Master Practioner of Coaching, I am a inspirational speaker and facilitator.

The Phoenix Experience is about new beginnings, life and reconnecting with who you are and what you believe in. Rise Up. Out of the everyday and into life. I take busy professionals and teams on life changing experiences.

My mission is to help people believe in themselves, step back into life and live a life on purpose. Don't let a major life event shake you into action.

Grampians, The Balconies