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Work is relentless, there is a constant expectation an illusion that the more we do the more we are worth. The pressure is always on, to be in the game the whole time with no signs of weakness.        

You manage your emotions constantly. Work occupies your mind, leaving little time for those things that matter. Your health and relationships suffer as a result. You turn to a glass of wine to relax and take the edge off. That makes it hard to get up in the morning to exercise, adding the frustration and feeling of letting yourself down.


Long hours, punishing workloads and being connected 24/7 commonly lead to burnout. Performance suffers, or worse, valued employees leave.

Top business executives frequently tell me talent retention is one of their biggest challenges. When team members leave, the loss and disruption to workflow can take a toll on meeting performance targets.


You are not happy and you cannot work out why. You are striving to further your career, to become more successful and earn more money and you think that will bring happiness. It won't.  

You work harder, you work longer hours, you push hard but still, the emptiness is inside you. That feeling you are chasing is eluding you or if you do feel it, that sensation doesn't last. Leaving you emptier than before. It seems like the more you strive for it the further away it gets.

Welcome to The Phoenix Experience

Rise Up. Out of the everyday and into life.

  • Stuck in the routine of emails, work, pressures, playing the game, looking after everyone else. Partner as a support person, you pass each other like ships in the night.
  • You drown out that niggling voice. You try to stop listening to it. You are suppressing it. You have no time for yourself, no idea what you would do if you did have time and not feeling like you are worth the time.
  • Everyone has a yearning; we can both listen to it and take action or we drown it out, suppress it with alcohol, gambling, food, phone, distractions and especially work.
  • Deep down you have a feeling that there is more, something still left to achieve. It’s a feeling deep down that you try to suppress. You may not have space for thoughts, a illusion of certainty that things wont change, lacking enthusiasm, not working towards something or lost your purpose.
  • Leave your phone at home disconnect from everything and let The Phoenix Experience shake things up for you.
  • Its never to late to turn things around. Everyone has a passion that they have forgotten because life got in the way. Isn’t it time to rediscover what that is?
  • You have achieved so much already and I commend you. This experience allows you the chance to see beyond that and form a deeper connection with yourself. When you connect with your true self, you become a better partner, parent and leader. You will have the space and the tools to create endless possibilities.
  • How good would it be to be closer to your kids and those around you? Have a deeper understanding and connection to your partner. Take your life to the next level and be fulfilled and content in all areas. Remember what’s important to you. Get that spark back.

Is it time you pressed pause?

I recently went on The Phoenix Experience run by the amazing Daniel Burgess. My friend Dano and I, hiked up cathedral ranges to see the sun rise at 530am in the morning and contemplate our lives. However, it was so much more than that. The hike was challenging, the gradient often steep. My mind went through such a journey, from “this isn’t so bad” all the way to “damn why did I choose to do this?

But when we reached the top, the view was so breath taking. The sunrise and fog creating an inland sea was just so picturesque. The elation of achievement broke down our egos and then began the facilitation by Daniel. The freedom the mind receives when the body is content is a feeling many rarely achieve and those who do, easily forget in their day to day.

The universal truths about ourselves come to the limelight and what I discovered was the distinction that I truly needed for where I am in my life at the moment. PERSEVERANCE! This was an amazing experience that was so much more than a hike.

Thank you Daniel for the amazing experience!

Eric Chan,

The Pitch Specialist

One of the coldest July days on record up at this place. Picked up at 4.20 am, start the hike at 6.20, up top about 7am. Probably only 1 or 2 degrees when this shot was taken.
So what the hell was I doing?

To be a better person in my own head, at home with my family and at work with my clients and customers I believe in doing some personal development coaching. Daniel Burgess from The Phoenix Experience was my guide and coach on this trip. Taking me out of my normal place, putting a pause button on life and putting me through a challenge to open up and look deeper into the blocks in life that I need to pass to go to another level to serve all around me (including me)

There was a lot talked about and in the process Daniel coached me on the areas he believes I am in need of a re Focus, and I agreed.So the was part is done, the mountain and working out the next steps. Now to be consistent in the next steps and work on my actions in my self and also the business’s.So I’m still a work in progress but the next few steps on the stair case have been revealed.

Alan Moyle,


About Dan from The Phoenix Experience

The Phoenix Experience takes busy people into the mountains for life changing experiences. It’s a chance to press pause on your everyday routine. Leave your phone at home and focus on the one person that matters: you. Take the time to remember what’s truly important to you. 

Daniel is the owner of The Phoenix Experience is a Qualified Coach, Facilitator and Motivational Speaker. He survived a car accident at aged 20 which left him with a shattered spine and paralyzed. He was told he might never walk again. He proved medical staff wrong walking out of hospital 6 weeks later, although weak and brittle.

This shake-up led him to leave his career, partner, apartment: his entire life behind him. After being homeless and unemployed for 6 months he rebuilt his life. He has since had a family and after having a high pressure and busy career he now helps busy professionals get back out and experience life.

Is it time you pressed pause?

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